Distance 29km Time: 2hours Grade 3 (Intermediate)

If cycling from Auckland Airport to the inner city sounds  stupid, then you’ll be surprised to learn that Auckland has more cycle paths and lanes than anywhere else in New Zealand.  This is a cool ride.

This route is not the shortestinto the city but the safest and most enjoyable.

The alternative is to take a stuttle van with your bike (approx $75/person) or pedal to Onehunga and take the local train.

The route is complicated so you will need a good map or access to Google Maps, there has been some recent changes especially after the opening of the opening of the Waterview tunnell late 2017 most is flat however short sleep climb at 12km mark.

If you arrive at the International airport you will find some bike stands to build up your bike or to rent/buy call 0800 400 900 for a rental bike or buy-sell-back tour bike from sportx NZ .

Head out of  Tom Pearce  Drive, turn left at Tahinga Lane , right at Manu Tapu Drive and left at George Memorial Drive. Next left at Landing Drive, right at Airpark Drive and right again at Richard Pearse drive. Go through the roundabout at Montgomerie Road and at the end of Richard Pearse, tutn left onto Ascot. Then right onto Greenwood Road and left at Wallace Road, left at Shortt Ave and right at Kiwi Esplanade, This leads you to an old road bridge across Mangere inlet (10km from the airport). You are one km from Mangere shos if you need supplies.

Cross the bridge and turn left to follow Orpheus Drive beside the coast.Take a short cycle path to connect with Hendry Avenue and then hops onto a much longer cycle path that the runs parallel to the South Western Motorway. After 1.2km at Keith Hay Park, turn right and take a spiral bridge over the motorway and make a hard right onto Sommerset Road. Now follow the NZCT signs, to and through War Memerial Park. You’ll end up riding down Mt Albert Road, and eventually to the North Western Motorway.( PS this may have changed check the Waterview tunnel notes on this website) Just 100 meters before the motorway, turn right down Sutherland Road. At the end of this short road, you will find another cycle path ( (the North Western Cycle Route), which leads 4.5km to the top of Queen Street, 27km from the airport. Hop of your bike at Queen Street lights and cross as a pedestrain before taking the Grafton Gully Cycleway down to Anzac Ave, where the cycle-way  leads to the waterfront, just along from the bottom of Queen Street, the ferry terminal and Britomart( trains)

Note This route may have changed due to the opening of the Waterview tunnel so keep and eye out for new cycle trail signs.

Riding Surface: 100% sealed roads and cycle paths

Maps: Auckland Transport has produced several free cycling maps of the city. Google Auckland Transport Cycling Maps or preferably pick one up at the Airport.

Alternative Tour Aotearoa route: There are more direct route ( only 20km) via Mt Eden and Cornwall Park, BUT IT USES SOME BUSY ROADS and is only suitable for traffic-savvy riders.

 Auckland to Hauraki Rail Trail- Connection

Downtown Auckland to Kaiaua/Miranda HRT  opened 18.11.2017
Distance 75kms Time 1-2 days Grade 5(Expert) due to traffic.
Hard-core cyclists-(Tourists ) may be determined to ride from Auckland City centre to Hauraki Rail Trail (Kaiaua/Miranda) despite having to run the gauntlet of busy Auckand to Kaiaua/Miranda roads. If you are one of them, we salute you! Be really carefull.
This is part of the Tour Aotearoa route. The Navigation is complicated, but this is the best route local cyclists recommend.
From upper Queen Street end of the Northernwestern Cycle Route, follow Alex Evans Street, then turn right onto Symonds Street and left onto Mt Eden Road. You’llwill pass many shops, including Mt Eden Cycles.
At the entrance to Mt Eden Domain, take the 10-minute side trip up to the top of the Maungawhau/Mt Eden volcanic cone for 360-degree views of Auckland.Its well worth the detour.
Back on the route, continue along Mt Eden Road, turn left onto Stokes Road, right onto Epsom Ave, right onto GilliesAve, left onto Ranfurly Road and right onto Manukau Road. One block down Manukau Road, turn left onto Campbell Cres, then take the second left to ride through Cornwall Park on Puriri Drive( which becomes Pohutukawa Drive), Twin Oaks Drive and, after turning left beside a gatein a rock wall,Grand Drive.Grand Drive exits the parkat the top of Onehunga Mall St. Ride all the way down Onehunga Mall, past losts of shops ( including Hedhehog Bikes), and veer right 200 metres after crossing Neilson Street to get to the end of the mall. From the cul-de-sac, follow a cycle path to Old Mangere Bridge. Cross the bridge and follow  NZCT  signs, along Kiwi Esplanade,Shortt Ave,Wallace Road, Creamery Road,Greenwood Road, Left at Ascot Road, and along Kirkbride Road( use the footpath if busy),Westney Road, Timberley Road, Verissimo Drive, then take the path to a new shopping centre with a countdown supermarket, and 100 metres further on, a good cafe with a car-shaped bike stand, on Leonard Isitt Drive. You are now close to Auckland Airport.  You could also start from the Auckland Airport to start of  HRT.
Turn left at Tom Pearce Drive, left again at Puhinui Road, Go left-right-left at Kenderdine Road, Bridge Street and Cambridge Terrace to get across the railway lines and back onto Puhinui Road.
The alast shops before leaving Auckland are on your left where you cross Great South Road ( takeways, fruit shop, general stores, etc)
After crossing Great South Road, continuestraight ahead onto Reagan Road, veer right onto Boundary Road and HollyfordDrive. Turn left at Aspiring, right onto Rakaia Rise, cut through a pedestrain path between 19 and 21, the n left on Santa Monica Place, and left onto Redoubt Road at the T junction. Turn  right into Totara Park and ride the Bridle Track through the park. You will pass public toilets and picnic area just before you reach Wairere Road. At the end of Wairere Road, turn right onto Hill Road and left onto Stratford Road, then continue straight onto Alfriston Road. Turn right onto Alfriston-Ardmore Road, and straight onto Mullins Road.
Coastal Option: At this  point, if traffic volumes are light, you may prefer to ride east via Clevedon to the coast and around the Firth of Thames to Miranda.It will take an hour longer bit it is more scenic, However, some of the roads are narrow and there is too much traffic on weekends and public holidays:
or to continue  along the main cycle route, at the end of Mullins Road, turn left at Papakura-Clevedon Road, then right onto Ardmore Quarry Road. Go Left onto Creightons Road, right at Jones Road, left onto Garvie Road, right at John Hill Road then left at Hunua Road.
 Ride through the village of Hunua ( there is a dairy and Indian restaurant), and stay on Hunua Road. It becomes Paparimu Road. After a few kilometres, turn right onto Lyons Road, Left onto Mangatawhiri Road and veer left onto Mangatangi Road, which becomes Miranda Road and leads to Miranda. Turn right at East Coast Road ( aka Front Miranda Road)and, after 1.5km, you will reach Miranda Holiday Park and Hot Springs 0800 833 144 this is now where the Hauraki Rail Trail starts( from 15.11.2017 ) Continue on Kaiaua/Miranda -Thames section of the HRT.( check on Hauraki Rail Trail  Notes NZ Bike Trails- Waikato tab.
Ph 0800 400 900 for Bike Rentals ,Tours or Sales:
For accommodation ( From 1.4.2018) and for more information on bike rentals
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