Cape Reinga — Hokianga Harbour (2 days, 161km)

The Far North Cycleway starts from the lighthouse at Cape Reinga, one of the northernmost points in the North Island. From the Cape, there are views out over the convergence of the Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean.

The ride heads south for an hour on the only road before turning onto Ninety Mile Beach and continuing down the coast to Ahipara. From Ahipara, a sealed road heads inland across the countryside to the Hokianga Harbour.

The main town of Kaitaia is 14 km northeast off the trail. Ahipara, Kohukohu and Rawene along the route offer a range of accommodation and food options. Kohukohu and Rawene also have galleries and historic sites. Broadwood has a general store, which is closed on Sundays.

Waipapakauri, a few kilometres inland from Ninety Mile Beach, provides basic food options and Holiday Park accommodation.

Riders on a beach section of the Far North Cycleway

Riders on a beach section of the Far North Cycleway

Acknowledgment: The information for this write up is from Classic New Zealand Cycle Trails by the Kennett Brothers.

Be Prepared

Cape Reinga is 113km from Kaitaia via Highway 1. To bus up to Cape Reinga, contact Harrisons Cape Runner Tours on Ph: 09 408 1033.

The Cape Reinga lighthouse, built in 1941, includes interpretation panels and toilets but no other facilities. Reinga is Maori for ‘underworld’. Maori believe that the spirits of the dead depart for the underworld from Cape Reinga.

Food isn’t sold or allowed to be eaten at Cape Reinga as a sign of respect for the spiritual importance of the site.

Kaitaia, 14 km northeast of the trail, is the nearest main town, with banks, accommodation, supermarkets, etc. Waitiki Landing has the northernmost shop in the country as well as a petrol station and holiday park.

Tourist buses travel along Ninety Mile Beach daily. The beach is best ridden at low tide. The tide times are printed in every edition of local newspaper the Northland Age, or check at the Kaitaia i-SITE Ph: 09 408 9450.

A car ferry crosses the Hokianga Harbour between Rawene and Kohukohu. It runs every 45 minutes.

Riding surface: 50% solid sand, 50% sealed road

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