The Henderson Creek shared path links the Northwestern cycleway and the Henderson township.

It is a beautiful ride through planting including the international tree collection and Tui Glen, an historic pleasure park. The Opanuku Stream shared path stretches from Great North Road to Henderson Valley Road.

Henderson Creek shared path

  • 7.8 km.
  • About 25 minutes.

Henderson Creek shared path map

Henderson Creek shared path map

More about this route

The Henderson Stream shared path is a very pleasant winding path through parks and native plantings beside the stream. Tui Glen is a social place with a playground and a wharf on the stream, near the limit of navigation at the falls – the reason Henderson town was sited here.  Nearby is the Falls Restaurant in a restored historic house. Corban Estate Arts Centre within the historic Corban winery on The Great North Road is a good entrance point if coming by car and offers events and a café.

The Opanuku Stream path and nearby Oratia Stream path include environmental, conservation and community initiatives aimed at protecting the area from floodwater coming down from the Waitakere Ranges.  The Oratia valley is the site of origin of the Oratia Beauty apple variety.  Access the Oratia Farmers Market via Oratia Stream path.

The Henderson Railway Station provides good access to all three paths by public transport.  Bikes can be carried on trains at no extra cost.  To access the Opanuku Stream path, cross Henderson Valley Road at the signalised pedestrian crossing and go 600m along the quiet Smythe Road.  Alternatively there is on-road parking at the southern end of the trail.

Basic information

  • Locally known as “Project Twin Streams”.
  • All sealed, sometimes narrow with short steep parts.
  • Links to Northwestern Cycleway 16 km from Downtown.
  • Signposted, with underpasses for most roads.
  • Links to 3 km Oratia Stream shared path.
  • Not suitable for sports cycling training.


  • Outdoor art.
  • Native plantings.
  • Corban Estate Arts Centre.


  • Playgrounds.
  • Toilets.
  • Cafes.
  • Link to Henderson train station and North Western cycleway.

Share the path

  • Please be courteous towards other path users.
  • Ring your bell before passing.
  • Remember to smile, wave and have a good time.
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