The Northwestern Cycleway is approximately 13km long and follows the general alignment of the Northwestern motorway, running from central Auckland to Lincoln Road in the west.

About this route

The Northwestern cycleway is almost entirely off-road, helping you avoid busy roads and providing a safe way to get from the west in to the city and back again. It connects through to other off-road or protected cycle paths to get you in to the CBD and down to the waterfront.

The route provides access to:

Who can use the route

Commuters and recreational cyclists can enjoy cycling into the city or out west along a direct and continuous cycle route.

Pedestrians may also use the route.

Accessing the Northwestern cycleway

Map of the city-end of the cycleway

Download the central city cycle map (PDF 451KB) or find out how to get a copy of the central city cycle map.

Other access points

Some parts of the Northwestern cycleway are fenced off but you can join and exit the route at various points, including:

  • Northern end of Lincoln Road, Henderson.
  • Central Park Drive near CARTERS building supplies.
  • Northern end of the Henderson Creek shared path.
  • McCormick Road, Te Atatu.
  • Motorway junction on Te Atatu Road.
  • Patiki Road, at the base of the motorway off ramp.
  • Rosebank Road, at the base of the motorway on ramp.
  • Great North Road, at the motorway junction.
  • Carrington Road and Great North Road intersection (northern side of the motorway), Pt Chev.
  • Carrington Road (southern side of the motorway).
  • Sutherland Road/Novar Place, Pt Chev.
  • St Lukes Road, at the motorway junction.
  • Western Springs and Bannerman Road corner.
  • Cardigan Street, Western Springs.
  • Rhyde Street, Western Springs.
  • Myrtle Street, Western Springs.
  • Finch Street, Western Springs.
  • School Road, Morningside.
  • Kingsland Avenue, Kingsland.
  • Fourth Avenue near Nixon Park.
  • New Bond Street, Kingsland.
  • Near 51 King Street, Kingsland.
  • Hesketh Street, Kingsland.
  • Buchanan Street, Kingsland.
  • Alexander Street, Kingsland.
  • Bright Street, Eden Terrace.
  • Haslett Street, Eden Terrace.
  • Takau Street, Eden Terrace.
  • Corner of Partridge and Waima Streets, Grey Lynn.
  • Ian McKinnon Drive near Devon Street.
  • Piwakawaka Street, Eden Terrace.
  • Newton Road near Northwestern motorway off ramp.
  • Randolph Street, Eden Terrace.
  • Karaka Street, Eden Terrace.
  • France Street South near the Kings Arms, Eden Terrace.
  • Canada Street.
  • Upper Queen Street.
  • Grafton Gully cycleway.

Please be aware that some of these entrances may be affected by road works on the Northwestern motorway.

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