Trail Safety Warning – 4 August 2017

Pahiatua Road (aka Pahiatua Track) between Palmerston North and Pahiatua is experiencing increased traffic volumes due to the closure of the nearby Manawatu Gorge. Take care on this road by avoiding riding it during peak hour traffic and at night. Safety can also be improved by wearing high-vis clothing and turning on rear flashing lights.

Palmerston North — Alfredton Route 52 (1 day, 67km)


From the centre of Palmerston North, cycle southeast on Fitzherbert Ave. Cross the Manawatu River and cycle up to Aokautere Drive (Highway 57). Head north on Aokautere Drive for 2km. Just after crossing a bridge, turn right with care onto Polson Drive.

Take Polson Drive and The Bush Track to the Pahiatua Track. On the eastern side of the hill, cross the Mangahao River. Take Pahiatua Mangahao Road. Past the railway station, follow the cycle path into Pahiatua townships.

From the south end of Pahiatua, take Tiraumea Road southwest. Tiraumea Road becomes the Mangaone Valley Road. About 17km from Pahiatua, turn left onto Pa Valley Road. Follow Pa Valley Road for 10km to Route 52. Cycle south for 2km to Alfredton.

The city of Masterton is 46km from Alfredton on Route 52.

Acknowledgment: The information for this write up is from Classic New Zealand Cycle Trails by the Kennett Brothers.

Be Prepared

There is no cellphone coverage around Alfredton.

You will need to pack your own supplies for the stretch from Pahiatua to Masterton.

There are services and accommodation at Palmerston North and Pahiatua and a campground at Alfredton.

Tararua Traverse

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