EBike Hire German made Kalkhoff or Focus


E-Bikes German Built Kalkhoff Select i8  with impulse long life battery

German Built and Engineered bikes with Impulse 2.0 or EVO 36v 250w 17ah (603wh) Long life Battery, the World’s Longest Life battery Range up to 207 kms.

Kalkhoff Select i8 E-Bike Impulse Evo motor, long life battery 17ah (603Wh)

Hydraulic Magura HS11 rim brake

Schwalbe Energizer E-Bike tyres or MTB off road Tyres-  Schwalbe Smart Sam tyres

AXA Blueline 30 LED front lights

Frame Geometries Impulse V2, aluminium

Colour -White

2) Focus Aventura  Ebike with Impulse 2.0 motor and long life battery up to 207km range

3) Smartmotion or Avanti  Inc E

Kalkhoff Select i8 ebike

Kalkhoff Select i8 ebike

German design and manufactured the Rolls Royce of ebikes