GOLDFIELDS 3 DAY eBIKE & SPA TOUR -3 nights accommodation - 3 Days

Te Aroha

GOLDFIELDS 3 DAY eBIKE & SPA TOUR includes 3 nights accommodation

Includes 2 days ebikes and  3 nights accommodation Spa included also Canoe – Waihou River( by Te Aroha Adventures)


The Tour starts in Waihi – we suggest you arrive  in Te Aroha early and use our Shuttle to get you and your overnight gear to Waihi.

Tour includes accommodation for 1 night in Paeroa and 2 nights in Te Aroha (price is based 2 persons /booking)

WAIHI STATION  TO PAEROA – (GRADE 1 Easiest)   22 kms plus time in WAIHI

Waihi besides being at the beginning of the Gold rush in this area – is still an active Gold Mining Town.

We will start you in Seddon Street by the big concrete tower – The Pumphouse –  the Waihi Gold Mine Centre (i site) is just opp. for more information.

.cornish pumphouse historic

You can bike around the Pit on the “Pit Trail”. It’s 4 kms and you do get some great views of the open pit. This is still an active mine. Although since the two large slips in 2015 and 2016 – the open cast mine is not working but they are still mining underground. Production is said to be around 100,000 oz of Gold each year.

Sneddon Street is the Main street of Waihi  – you can enjoy all the cafes, Takeaways and other interesting shops. Maybe time for Breakfast.

Waihi Railway Station

The Waihi Railway Station is the start of the Rail trail.  As you have possibly guessed – the Railway  is still operating between Waihi and Waikino Railway Station.

You have two choices here – you can bike the next 8 kms to the Waikino Station or take the train,  one-way Fares are $15.00 each and another $2.00 for the bike. {Check the website for timetable –}

The Cafe at the Waikino Railway Station is a great place for a home-style meal. We suggest a lunch break here.

A short ride from here to the Victoria Battery. Lots of history to explore. This was the largest Battery in NZ back in its day. The Museum is open Sundays and Wednesdays 10.00 – 3.00 and Public  Holidays

Victoria Battery

After exploring the Battery site – The next stop on this section is the Historic Waikino Hotel (currently undergoing Restoration work – expected to open early 2018. We will update this when it does.)

The trail is nice and wide at this point.

Continue on the Pathway towards Paeroa – when you get to the first road crossing – be careful and watch for cars.

If you go up this road – Waitawheta Road –  a short distance up is the Owharoa Falls. The track in from the road is only 5 minutes but contains stairs so you will need to lock the bike to the sign and walk.

Back on the trail ( turn left when you go back down the road from the falls)  This pathway is nice and wide and sometimes can be very busy. When you get to this point below.

Turn left – do not go thru the Tunnel.

Caution:  on this section of the trail – the pathway is not as wide and in places – it will be safer to walk your bike. And remember watch your speed and keep a lookout for people walking.

When you get to this sign –  the “Windows” You cannot take your bike up – so lock it up to the sign and take a torch with you. Allow 30 – 60 minutes to explore this part of the Gorges Gold-mining  history.

If you feel like a break – go  over the bridge and cross over the longer swing bridge to the car park. Over SH 2 is the Talisman Cafe and Craft shop – a nice place for afternoon tea  break.

trail to paeroa

To continue – return back over the  bridge and take the uphill track . Again this section of the Trail is narrow in parts and is only suitable for walking your bike. More great views of the River.

Once you get to the Karangahake Hall, we turn left on to the trail following the river. To your right – you can see the old railway bridge across the main road and the entrance to the Tunnel.

If you want to check the tunnel out – now is a good time. It goes uphill from this point and comes out by the river – bypassing the “Windows and the two bridges.

Continuing on to Paeroa your ride takes  thru farmland into Rotokohu Road then Paeroa.

Your map shows you how to get to your motel and a good nights rest. Paeroa has a number of “Antique Shops” so after you have cleaned up – go for a walk.


PAEROA TO TE AROHA    23km,  Easy 2 – 3 hours ride

From the far side of the bridge(Ohinenuri River) ” opposite  side to Mac Donalds”on the outskirts of Paeroa, squeeze through a gate onto the trail and head south on the stopbank. It’s well sign posted so you can follow the trail.   It is is flat and straight.
Paeroa to Te Aroha
Te Aroha signtearoharailwaysign

Te Aroha was officially born with the opening of the Waiorongomai Goldfields in 1880. The hot springs along with the surrounding land was gifted to the Crown as a reserve by local Maori Chief Te Mokena Hau in 1882.

When the curative values of the spring water was discovered by Europeans a bore was sunk, resulting in a geyser of hot soda water…the only one of its kind in the world. It was named the Mokena Geyser, in honour of the Maori chief.

The 1880s saw the Domain planted out and promoted in the fashion of the European Spas. Te Aroha became the first geothermal spa town to annually receive thousands of visitors, many traveling by boat and train to ‘take the waters’. As its popularity continued the area of the Domain was increased by the purchase of adjoining land from the Morgan and Lipsey families. This expanded the recreation resource to include a network of walking tracks and indigenous forest.

Historic cadman buildingMokena Hou Geyser

The Te Aroha Hot Springs Domain is unique in that it is the only complete Edwardian Domain in New Zealand. Our natural mineral water is the reason for the revival of interest in spa treatments; part of a global trend.

The word ‘Spa’ – Salus per Aquam or healing through waters, refers to the therapeutic benefits of mineral water bathing and drinking. Modernised to resort standard, the Te Aroha Mineral Spa baths retain their charm of yesteryear.


You have a lot of Walks, Activities to choose.

Te Aroha Hot Springs Domain – Whitaker Street.

Te Aroha domain

Pick up a guide from i-SITE and stroll around the charming Edwardian Domain. Walk back in time to the late nineteenth century when the medical benefits from bathing, as well as drinking the waters from geothermal springs were highly regarded.

Walking time: 20 minutes round trip
Difficulty: Easy

Lower Domain Walk

Lower Domain Track

Beginning at the Mokena Geyser this is a lovely short bush land walk suitable for pushchair/wheelchair access. Pass the No.20 – iron spring and No.21 – magnesia spring and finish at the Te Aroha Leisure Pools.

Walking time: 20 minutes one way
Difficulty: Easy

Upper Domain Walk

Upper Domain track

This walk begins on the Whakapipi (Bald Spur) track and features a large kauri tree. You then branch off to the right past an old water reservoir, through the bush and link up with the Lower Domain Walk at the No.21 magnesia spring.

Walking time: 25 minutes one way
Difficulty: Easy

Reservoir Loop walk

Reservoir Loop Track

Follow the Tui Domain track and detour to the No.22 or ‘honeymoon’ spring where newly married couples would dip their wedding ring into the spring to ensure a long and happy marriage. Continue up around the old town reservoir and return to Domain.

Walking time: 25 minutes round trip
Difficulty: Medium

Howarth Memorial Wetland Loop Walk

Wet Lands

Lovely, mostly flat walk around established bird sanctuary, following the Waihou River through one section. Perfect for early morning or evening walks. Access from Spur St or via footbridge at end of Lawrence Ave or by boardwalk at Skidmore Reserve on Kenrick Street.

Walking time: 45 minutes round trip
Difficulty: Easy

Tui Domain Track

Tui Domain Track

Starting at the Mokena Geyser this track takes you through regenerating bush and shallow mountain streams. There is a 5 minute detour to a waterfall lookout before reaching the junction with the Tui Link track and finally emerging on to Tui Road, near the tailings dam.

Walking time: 1 hour 30 minutes 1 way
Difficulty: Easy

Whakapipi Lookout (also known as Bald Spur track)


Starting at the Mokena Geyser, the track zigzags its way through mature pines and pūriri that were planted in the early 1900s. The Whakapipi lookout provides a stunning view of Te Aroha township, the wetlands, river and beyond. Mt Aroha Mountain Track (see below) continues on through a saddle and then steeply up for another 2 hr to the summit of Mount Te Aroha.

Walking time: 45 minutes one way
Difficulty: Medium

Mount Te Aroha Summit Track

Mt te Aroah Summit

This track ascends almost 1 km. Follow the track from the Mokena Geyser in the Te Aroha Domain up the well benched track for 45 minutes to the Whakapipi Lookout which offers views over the Hauraki Plains. The Kaimai-Mamaku Forest Park begins just above the lookout. The track continues through a small saddle and then steeply up for another two hours to reach the summit. The track becomes steep and the surface is rough.

Mount Te Aroha provides 360 degree views across the Waikato and Bay of Plenty. Ruapehu, Ngāuruhoe and Taranaki are visible on a clear day. Be prepared for alpine weather conditions at the summit. Return to Te Aroha via the same track (most direct route).

Walking time: 2.5 hours 1 way, 4 hours return
Difficulty: Medium-Hard

Waiorongomai Valley


Spend and hour or a whole day exploring the extensive network of tracks in the valley. Follow New Zealand’s oldest tram-line and discover historic gold mining sites with much restorative work done by DOC.

Walking time: Ranging from 30 minutes to 5 hours
Difficulty: Medium-Hard

Wairere Falls

Wairere falls

20 minute drive south of Te Aroha. From the car park at Goodwin Rd the picturesque track features mossy green boulders and bridged mountain stream crossings. Walk 45 minutes to the viewing platform and see the spectacular 153m, two stage drop. The track continues another 45 minutes up to a lookout platform at the top of the falls. There is a magnificent view looking back over the valley and the Waikato Plains.

Walking time: 1 hour and 30 minutes one way
Difficulty: Medium

Tour alternative Kayak trips from Adventure Te Aroha ( Saturday and Sunday only)

Adventure Te Aroha offers self guided kayak trips and and an historic town tour

Gently paddle or just let the river take you.

From its source at the Blue Springs to where it enters the Hauraki gulf Te Waihou winds its way gently northwards.

Your guide will take you on a tour of the historic town of Te Aroha. You will  learn about some of the rich history and wild geology of the area. You will then visit Wairongomai where a gold mining settlement used to thrive.

It’s then onto the river where you will be given equipment and expert instruction on how to navigate your kayak down the river safely.

This section of the river winds mainly through rural land.  Don’t forget to look up and take in the majestic views of the Kaimai ranges and Mt Te Aroha which are a truly fantastic sight.

Keep a sharp eye out for the wide variety of bird life which live on and around  the river.

Ebikes supplied:

Quality German Engineered Kalkhoff Select i8 “Unisex” or Focus Aventura (Mens bike) also Avanti Montari-E  Ebikes

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

GOLDFIELDS 3 DAY eBIKE & SPA TOUR -3 nights accommodation
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