Hobbiton and Hauraki Rail Trail Waikato Tour 4 Days inc Accommodation - 4 Days

matamata town with Hobbiton sign 12.09.2020

Hobbiton and Hauraki Rail Trail Waikato Tour 4 Days inc Accommodation  visit  Hobbiton for 2 ( per person)

Quality German Engineered Kalkhoff Select i8 “Unisex” or Focus Aventura (Mens bike) also Avanti Montari-E  Ebikes

Excludes tickets to HOBBITON

STARTS Nov 2020

4 Nights accommodation 3.5  to 4 star accommodation

Auckland Transfer  to Matamata  and return to Auckland (also to start of Hauraki Rail Trail in Te Aroha and back from Paeroa to Auckland)

PS price is based on 2 person per tour

Day 1 Hobbiton Movie Set  Tickets 1 Day including bus to and from the movie set from the isite Matamata

3 Days E-Bike Hire  Kalkhoff and Focus or equivalent E-Bikes Starting from Te Aroha and to Paeroa and Waihi and return to Paeroa


Day 1 Accommodation Matamata Motel

Day 2 Accommodation Te Aroha  Te Aroha Motel or Hillside B&B Apartment

Day 3 Accommodation Paeroa Pedlars Motel

Day 4 Accommodation Waihi Palm Motel Waihi

Transfer From Paeroa back to Auckland

Bike Tour Te Aroha to Waihi & return to Paeroa

Grade of Ride:  grade 1
Tour: Starts Te Aroha to Paeroa then to Waikino Pub, Karangahake Gorge then onto Waihi and returns back to Paeroa
tourTime : 4 days  3 night   accommodation, subject to weather
Fee:  $999 pp Incl GST minimum of 2 riders, electric bike hire with comfortable seats, safety sun glasses  if required. Includes 1 night accommodation &  breakfast at Paeroa B&B and transport pickup and return to Te Aroha & Lunch on day 1.
General Info: Appropriate clothes to wear include shorts and/or close fitting track pants, sport shoes, t-shirt/polo, Jersey, sunglasses or safety glasses. Limited overnight apparel. Transportation to and from start point is  included and is arranged.
Matamata I site Matamata or Motel
Te Aroha Pickup point:  Te Aroha  Railway Station  37 Burgess Street Te Aroha
Detailed Description of the HRT Ebike  Te Aroha to Waihi and back to Paeroa
Day One Te Aroha to Paeroa   to be complete????
Starts: at the Te Aroha Railway Station 37 Burgess Street Te Aroha
Ride along the rail trail which passes through beautiful  green farm land and crosses the main road north 4 times
Finishes: at Mac Donalds just over the bridge on the Ohinemuri River  145 Normandy Road Paeroa

Day Two.

PAEROA TO WAIHI STATION – (GRADE 1 Easiest)  return 22kms and 22 kms

Highlights: Karangahake Gorge, Bullswool Farm Park, Waikino Station Cafe, the Bistro at Falls Retreat, Ohinemuri Estate, Talisman Cafe, the Victoria Battery, Waihi Gold Discovery Centre, boutique shopping, cafes and current and historic mining.

The Trail starts on Rotokohu Road, Paeroa and follows Te Moananui Maere Road. You are travelling through farmland before meeting up with the Ohinemuri River – you are going to see a lot of this river today . If you look on the other side of the river, you can see State Highway 2.

Once you get to the Karangahake Hall, we turn left on to the trail following the river. ( Do not go over the bridge to the tunnel – you will come back that way on your way home)

Caution:  on this section of the trail – the pathway is not as wide and in places – it will be safer to walk your bike. And remember watch your speed and keep a lookout for people walking.

There are some very interesting things to see and explore on this section when you get to a part of the trail that you can see two bridges and a large carpark over the river. Prepare for some walking.

Cross over the first small swing bridge on your right – and visit the “Windows” You cannot take your bike up – so lock it up to the sign and take a torch with you. Allow 30 – 60 minutes to explore this part of the Gorges history.

If you feel like a break – go back over the bridge and cross over the longer swing bridge to the car park. Over SH 2 is the Talisman Cafe and Craft shop – a nice place for morning tea and a break.

To continue – return back over the two bridges and just before the Windows sign – there is a track to your left. Again this section of the Trail is very narrow in parts and is only suitable for walking your bike. More great views of the River. This takes you to the Tunnel entrance as below – But you are not going through the Tunnel  until your come home.

 Karangahake Rail Tunnel Walk

Continue on the Pathway towards Waihi – when you get to the first road crossing – be careful and watch for cars.

If you go up this road – Waitawheta Road –  a short distance up is the Owharoa Falls. The track in from the road is only 5 minutes but contains stairs so you will need to lock the bike to the sign and walk.

Back on the trail ( turn right when you go back down the road from the falls)  This pathway is nice and wide and sometimes can be very busy.

The next stop on this section is the Historic Waikino Hotel (currently undergoing Restoration work – expected to open early 2018. We will update this when it does.)

A short ride from here to the Victoria Battery. Lots of history to explore. This was the largest Battery in NZ back in its day. The Museum is open Sundays and Wednesdays 10.00 – 3.00 and Public Holidays.

After exploring the Battery site – you have two choices:

Cross the bridge over the main road to the Waikino Station Cafe ( and Yes it is a Railway station). The Cafe is a great place for a homestyle meal. And if you are not up to riding the last 8 kms to Waihi – you can catch the Goldfield Railway Train, the one-way Fares are $15.00 each and another $2.00 for the bike. {Check the website for timetable – www.waihirail.co.nz}

OR continue on the trail to Waihi. This section of pathway is not as good as what you have been on so far – but again great views of the river and farmland. As you enter Waihi – you join the railway line beside you and you are now on a road. Beware of cars etc. Follow the signs and you will end up at the Waihi Railway Station.

Waihi Railway Station

To  get into town from here – go along Wrigley Street and turn right onto Consols Street and continue until you turn left on to Silverton Road.

This will take you to the Main street of Waihi (Sneddon Street) – turn right and enjoy all the cafes, Takeaways and other interesting shops.

If you continue down Seddon Street towards the big concrete tower – The Pumphouse – you will find the Waihi Gold Mine Centre (i site) for more information.

.cornish pumphouse historic

You can bike around the Pit on the Pit Trail. It’s 4 kms and you do get some great views of the open pit. This is still an active mine. Although since the two large slips in 2015 and 2016 – the open cast mine is not working but they are still mining underground. Production is said to be around 100,000 oz of Gold each year.



This is the reverse of your morning  – trail starts at the Waihi Railway Station ( if you did not use the train coming to Waihi – you might want to ride the train back to the Waikino Station). The only difference from coming is when you get back to the Tunnel – you are going through it. Caution – you are going downhill for approx. 1 km and there are people walking both ways in the tunnel without torches. Keep your lights on and watch your speed – very uneven surface and can have puddles of water – even in Summer.

Once through – nice level pathway back to Paeroa.


Hobbiton and Hauraki Rail Trail Waikato Tour 4 Days inc Accommodation and tickets to Hobbiton for 2 ( per person)

4 Nights accommodation 3.5 star accommodation

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Hobbiton and Hauraki Rail Trail Waikato Tour 4 Days inc Accommodation
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