Rental Focus Aventura E-Bike - 1 Day

focus aventura impulse 2.0 photo at 69 stanley

Rental Focus Aventura E-Bike male bike   -Or Avanti Montari-e-mountain bike ( Medium size  frame) with Bosch motor

Focus Aventura Impulse 2.0 Ebike 27.5 -Small frame    or   Avanti Montari-E–mountain Ebike ( Medium size  frame) with Bosch motor

German Engineered Focus Aventure Impulse 2.0 F16 with Impulse Engine and Battery 2.0 with 150km plus range

You’re Ready for the daily challenges

Cruise the Hauraki Rail Trail or a weekend break?  The AVENTURA is your reliable companion for everyday challenges, whereby electronic assistance is your means go and end. Thanks to its conformance with the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (STVZO) and practical parts, there are no nasty surprises in store with the AVENTURA.

Equipment Features: Pannier rack, mudgards, lighting system, chain guard, bike stand- the list is long and impressive

Not Short on Stamina: The powerful Impulse 2.0 engine and battery system is capable for long excursions.

Tough as anything: Focus meticulously designed, top-quality aluminum frame will not let you down.

Basic Specs:

Impulse v2 alloy

9 speed Shimano Alivio/Deoro shift group

Suntour NEX, allay,hydraulic,lockout

AXA 30 LUX LED headlights

Motor: Impulse 2.0 36v/250w with shift-sensor technology

Battery Impulse Li-Ion 36v /17ah

Impulse compact LCD with control panel and pushing assistance

Focus Alloy frame

Rental price daily rate $99

Rental Focus Aventura E-Bike German engineered


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Rental Focus Aventura E-Bike
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